Имя приложения Миэрге
Издатель Счастливый мод
Жанр моделирование
Размер 209.86 MB
Последняя версия 1.2.7
Обновление на 2021-12-27
Требования Андроид 6.0 (М)
Получите это Гугл игры
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Once installed, you can experience the Meeerge on your phone, In Meeerge for Android Mod APK, you can your .

Meeerge is one of the most popular games right now,Meeerge has 69035+ downloads on happymod. Meeerge 2022 выпущена версия 1.2.7 
A dangerous spell sealed in a drifting bottle took away the tribe’s divine artifact. In the process of recovering it, you’ll need the “Merge” magic passed down by generations of priests to aid your expedition to new lands and the daily maintenance of your tribe. Help your frantic yet optimistic tribal members rebuild their lost home, and meet potential allies and powerful heroes!Fill your journey of saving your tribe with fun and surprises through merging objects into more powerful ones;Recruit powerful heroes and demi-gods and break away from traditional Merge gameplays;Protect your tribe from all kinds of threats while boosting the tribe’s production capacity;Discover new lands in search of the artifact, gather resources, recruit new members to strengthen your tribe, and summon them with

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